1. I’m a 44 year old Geography professor who did a four-day tour with Tien (Terry) and added another day of touring around the city of Dalat for a 5th day. This was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I got to see Vietnam in a day like no other. First, traveling by motorcycle is the way to go. You get to be part of the landscapes rather than just watching it go by. I rode one bike, Tien led the way on another. Second, unlike bus travel, we stopped at a number of sites ranging from silks processing to waterfalls, to simply having a cup of ca phe (coffee) on the road side. I got to drink rice wine (moonshine) with elephant drivers, sleep in a long house, eat the best Vietnamese food ever, and hardly saw a Westerner the entire time. I felt like I got to see the REAL Vietnam, not the tourist version (despite being a tourist). Tien is a great guide. He’s knowledgeable about the area and can answer questions I had about the culture and the geography of the areas we toured. He’s also safe-never riding too fast, taking breaks for tea and coffees, and he’s serious about not drinking and riding (the drinking goes on after you get to your destination if you choose). I didn’t want this trip to be over, but I ran out of time and had to head off tot the airport to fly back home. Tien offered to take me to the airport and to have lunch at hishouse. I couldn’t have asked for more. Execellent trip. I recommend Vietnam-Easyriders to anyone wanting to see Vietnam from the inside.

    Scott Walker

    New Braunfels, Texas, USA

    Email: walkstx@gmail.com

  2. Central highlands (Nha Trang to Dalat - via Buon Me Thuot)

    Yooooooo! Baby!

    Thanks so much for a very cool trip !
    We love the way you took such good care of us, and took the time to stop and explain things to us, and also for taking us to really cool spots and jummy cafe ! Thanks also for catering for my fear of crazy traffic (especially the Saigon Highway) by slowing down for me. You are a very skillful driver.
    I hope we will come back to take the parts we missed.

    Caroline and Tania

    From Wellington, New Zealand.
    Email: ackane@xtra.co.nz

  3. Most memorable thing we have done in 3 months travelling!

    We signed up for 3 days Easy Rider tour from Nha Trang to Dalat and stayed on for a week, all the way to the Cambodia border – need we say more!!

    After mailing lots of Easy Rider companies we went with Lee and Chau (Lee: +84909201075). We chose them because they had one of the best websites, the cheapest rates, and great English in their emails. However, after a week with these guys we’d add they’re great fun, responsible safe drivers, and have 15 years experience so know every corner of Vietnam.

    Lee is the main guide and on the way showed us loads of stuff – silk farms, a noodle factory, museums, giant whale skeletons, coffee plantations – the list is endless. While Chau was Chief of the Waterfall Department and the joker in the pack – keeping us laughing all week. This trip was one of our highlights of Vietnam – forget the Halong Bay tourist trap – do this instead and climb behind waterfalls, eat some real Vietnamese food at local prices, and ride beautiful empty roads.

    We’d definitely recommend doing an Easy Rider Tour to get off the beaten track, and see the Vietnamese countryside. And we’d definitely recommend going with Lee and Chau who we’re hoping we can come back to Vietnam and ride the north with!

    Thanks guys and we will stay in touch!

    Isabelle & Steve
    Email: bobo_bella3@hotmail.com

  4. Dear Lee and Boss Sir

    What a beautyful and awesome trip with you two guys. We had so much fun with you and Roger and me decidet it we come to vietnam again, and thats sure, that we will book again a trip with easy riders. One more thanks for that great birthday cake up in the local village, i will never forget dose days. We will see us again, dont worry.

    You guys make a great job, Bravo!!!

    Best regards from Zurich, Switzerland Sacha
    Email: sacha.wisler@gmail.com

  5. Thanks so much, keep on trippin !

    What an awsome trip ! Reading through the every positive and anthusiasticcomments, deciding to take the trip to Hoi An by bikewith this guy wasn’t difficult. I’m glad I did.
    We stopped to see some very cool senery and sights and the drive itself was fantastic, and I never doubled Lee as driver and always felt in safe hands.
    It was definitly a very cool way to see some of Vietnam, much beter than bus or train, and a beautiful smiles and waves along the way made it soo wath while !
    I would love to come back and visit more of the real Vietnam. Other than that it was the experience of a life timeand I would truly recommend you jump on the back and head off with these guys

    From Nottingham, England
    Email: nic_brady1@hotmail.com

  6. Great trip around North - West of Vietnam

    Just arrived in Hanoi after 11 epic days on the road from Danang via the Ho Chi Minh trail and including all the rad shit inbetween !

    Amazing Lee, Chau and pricess Terry are great guys and the perfect guides ! I’ve never seen such a huge diversity in people, lanscapes and places in such a short time. So much of what we’ve seen and experienced wouldn’t have been possible by any other way other than a bike and certainly not as much fun without these guys !

    Epic! Hit the road !
    Email: aaron.jamieson@gmail.com
    Azz (Australia)

    Aaron Jamieson.

    Director – Little Fish Creative Studios Pty. Ltd

    M (Jan) +81(0)9094319693 and M (Aus) +61(0)421132305

    Skype: aaron.jamieson1


    If you up for the adventure of the lifetime then Chau (along side Thanh) from Vietnam Easy Riders are the way to go.. Everyday in Vietnam was a lucky day !

    3912 kms in 24 days…
    From the minute Chau & Thanh picked us up from Ho Chi Minh everything was looked after. Nothing was too hard or too much trouble. Both Chau & Thanh went out of their way to make us feel welcome & comfortable along the way.

    We were very fortunate with all our experiences.
    To the tastiest sugar cane juice in Dak Lak & our first Vietnamese coffee experience in Binh Duong, while enjoying the sun and swinging in hammocks.

    From crawling through the Cu Chi tunnels, to being invited off the street to a wedding, to the most hospitable, memorable ( and appreciated) dinning experience in Dalat ! Riding Elephants through Lak Lake, visiting the orphanage at Kontum and the ultime experience of riding hours through remote tribal villages, where locals and their young children were astounded (and their jaws dropping) to see tourist for the first time. Absolutely heart warming and priceless !!

    Gia Long waterfall turned out to be one of our favorite places (and the first of many adventures that Chau was key to…). Gia Long was the perfect place for Chau to show us the Vietnam that he loves. After going for a swim in rock pool Chau took our adventure to the next level…

    One thing I never imagined or thought I would have the guts to do (at almost 42) was rock climb up to a belting waterfall, enjoy a water massage and then the ultime of actually going under and inside the waterfall cave. Incredible !!

    Chau we will always remember (and be thankful) for the great adventure that you are and introducing us to each adventure that we will take away with us and share with our family and friends.

    Memories that will last a lifetime…

    The four of us enjoying the best ever charcoal chicken (cooked over coals in a barrel on the side of the road) in Than Thuoc, Yen Tam.

    The booming coffee shop at Khe Sanh, feeling so welcome while ordering coffees and beers on our own. Then later that night watching a soccer game with 40 or so locals….

    Boat ride and visit to the most beautiful caves we have ever seen at Phong Nha cave…

    To all the WOWs, kangaroo roads (sometimes feeling like I was riding a horse), to patiently strapping our air walk cushions every morning that helped ease our monkey bums, to our fashionable elephant condoms, trying to find Ben’s sunglasses (that will be lost forever but will never rust), for each vietnamese meal shared, including eating Thit Quan La Lot that looked like green turds but tasted so good !

    Day 20 and literally trekking at 2000 meters high through jungle mountain (Mount Hoang Su Phi) in the rain and mud. Too muddy and steep for the bikes ! 42 kms in 4 hours ans 20 minutes – something we will both talk and never forget !

    Day 21 Hoang Su Phi – Tan Quang – Bao Lam

    What we will remember as the valley of the waterfall …

    180 kilometers of absolutely stunning terraces that were more beautiful and breath taking than Sapa !

    Day 24 and sadly the end of our trip…

    Thank you Chau and Thanh for looking after us both so well. For all the memories that will stay with us forever and for taking us along for the ride of a lifetime !

    A special thanks to Lee for all his help with our online booking and for ensuring along the way that we were looked after. Extremely professional and a true gentlemen…

    Now the countdown till our next trip with Vietnam Easy Riders begins ..

    We are both looking forward to hopefully coming back one day to experience at least another 20+ days along the coastal road and through Mekong Delta…

    We would NOT hesitate to recommend Vietnam Easy Riders (Lee, Chau and Thanh) to anyone who is up for the trip of lifetime !

    Alice and Ben Bacon
    Sheidow Park, South Australia

    Email: alice.bacon@optus.com.au
    Mobile: 0402240280

  8. See you for Sapa

    OMG ….so many laughs along the way

    Excellence is something you always remember……take this trip!

    For my husband and I working as a team when we Tavel is paramount. Lee and his wingmen follow this ethos with committed spirit and carry with them an un-presidented level of expertise.

    From safety to problem solving every detail of our tour was organised and provided for. We experienced outstanding scenery, views, villages, industry, plant and animal life, fantastic food, waterfalls and most of all the true heart of the Vietnamese people.

    To Lee and his team – Thank you – we fell in love with Vietnam. We are impressed with your driving, knowledge, hospitality and hardwork -, so it is not good bye but rather. “Hasta la vista Baby!!!!” See you for Sapa………

    P.s. keep Chau and Quang we love them xxx
    Email: hilary.seatter@btinternet.com

  9. Amazing Experience

    We travelled for 4 days with Chau and Lee in March and we’ve never had a better experience! From the word go they were incredibly helpful, helping us to select the best tour we could do with limited time. They’d come highly recommended from friends and we would highly recommend them to anyone!

    We saw some incredibly sights in our 4 days from Hoi An to Dong Hoi – amazing mountain scenery and some breath-taking roads. We felt completely safe, welcomed and inspired! Chau and Lee were both great guys, who went out of their way to make the trip special for us.

    If you haven’t done this before, then do it, you’ll never look back! We can’t wait for the next trip!

    Rohan & Sarah (Australia)
    Email: fletthai@yahoo.com.au

  10. A three day trip Dalat - Central - highlands - Nha Trang.

    We took a 3 day tour with Peter and Hung from Dalat to Nha Trang. It was an amazing experience. We saw so much of country that we never thought we would see on our trip. Peter and Hung took us to very local spots away from regular tourist traps. but they also showed us the sites Vietnam is famous for. This experience was priceless, and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to see how real Vietnamese and Minorities within the country live. I recommed a longer trip if possible. Be prepared for a rugged adventure. Peter and Hung know of so many hidden gems in Vietnam, undiscovered by the giant tour groups. This has been an experience that I will never forget.


    Brooklyn, New York

    Email: jaredoz@gmail.com

  11. my second ride in vietnam

    Email: r190948@zahav.net.il

  12. Doing a four day three night Easy Rider trip with Lee and Chau was the highlight of my time in Vietnam. We went from Mui Ne to Nha Trang. They were incredibly organized, and created such a great trip for my two friends and myself. We discovered such amazing parts of Vietnam on the journey from city to city. We experienced beautiful waterfalls, viewpoints, factories, farms, and villages, all while eating the best Vietnamese food with the best guides, for incredible prices! They were very charismatic and always kept us laughing.
    During my time in Vietnam I did a second motorcycle trip with a different group of guides in the north, and it was very disorganized and poorly run. They charged us so much more per day, and the food was very expensive as well. It could not even compare to the trip Lee and Chau took us on. That was when I knew Lee and Chau are the best of the best and I was lucky that I got to go on a trip with them. I highly recommend going with them! You will be getting the best quality trip with Lee and Chau and see areas of Vietnam that will take your breath away!
    Emma (Canada)
    Email: emmacsillag@gmail.com

  13. This was Vietnam...!!

    In july 2013 we went from the south to the nord without any expectations… After 15 days and 2000km we’ll could never believe that we would have such a wonderfull trip.

    This was the real Vietnam and everything was arranged to perfection thanks to two guy’s. Lee did all the preparation and booking very well and was with us the first three days… but the wonderfull trip was made possible by Chao, who we will never forget! He was always very helpfull, happy and laughing (and talk-talk-talk and eat-eat-eat too all the time! ;-). He showed us lot’s of places you wouldn’t find on your own: fish markets, silk / brick factories, coffee, tea, rubber plantations and so on… I was lucky to ride on my own and my girlfriend on the back with Chao who always drived very safely.

    Forget touristic busroads and Vietnamese restaurants but instead drive the small bumpy roads and taste from the local food (but no more smelly fruit please!), swim in nature, drive through the national park where only a few men a day pass, visit the unknown caves who are much more beautifull then the caves in Halong Bay, make some spring roll rice paper…

    I can recommend everyone from young to old this amazing trip, alone (caus with Chao you’ll never get bored) or with a big group. In fact, you can choose how long you wanna stay somewhere, which things you want to visit, the possibilities are endless…

    Lee and Chao… Thank you very much for everything and I hope we’ll meet each other again in the future to do the North of Vietnam (Sapa) (with another bike that drinks less ;-) Take care my friends!

    Greetings from Belgium
    Filip & Joke
    Email: filip.vertongen@strabag.com

  14. Lee you rock, keep on rolling!!!

    Catching the bus sucks – lee and his moto are legends!! A greatly intelligent and friendly guide who speaks amazing English. Let Leee show you through a real Vietnam that I’m sure most don’t see on their open bus tours. Yep it’s expensive but worth absolutely every dollar. Food is excellent and so cheap, the elephant ride once in a life time and of coursethe scenery spectacular……and motorbikes are awesome. Jist do it !

    AJ Australia
    Email: alisa_ed@hotmail.com

  15. Central Highlands

    Inquired about a 3 day trip in September 2013.
    Lee was very responsive and altough the dates did not correspondend with their schedule he managed to arrange to include the itinerary into his schedule.
    So departed from Dalat for a 3 day tour to Nhatrang.
    Everything was perfectly organized and you guys have a great team.
    I was lucky to have Chau as the guide and rider. (Chau knows why).
    My company had Thierry as the guide and rider.
    It was just an amazing trip (way too short) and all that was promised on your website was accomplished and more.
    Chau and Thierry were really great guys nothing was too much and they went out of their way to accommondate their guests.
    So Lee, keep up with the good work, Chau and Thierry please keep riding because you do an excellent job.
    Thank you so much again for all your help, your explanations about Vietnam, the tour, the lunches and dinners, and your professional attitudes. I would love to get back and do another tour with you guys, and I certainly will. No doubt about it.
    All the best for now and keep up your excellent work.

    Jac.J.Lam. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.
    Email: Multibreen@xs4all.nl

  16. This trip has been a wonderful time. I am not sure how I can ever cover everything. From swimming out from Draysap waterfall to dogging massive rockfall and landscapes outside Sapa. Your knowledge of your beautiful country has been invaluable to myself and Geogia through out our journey. I won’t soon forget all the many things we have seen. I felt safe at all times on the motorbike. The bikesure has had a owrkout for this trip. Only a few stops for a new tube for a new tire and we were ready to go. The seat got something used to but I found the sweet spot and avoided the monkey bum ha ..ha..Terry as your partner and Geogia’s driver was fantastic and you guys make a fantastic team. I now hope to return to Vietnam and spend more time, possible visit your hometown and paly some football. Maybe also a trip to Vu Quang in order to have a search for the Jungle man “Nguoi rung”.
    I would like to recommend this trip tor anyone who will travel to Vietnam and try to hit the roads with these guys. They are all great and very funny.

    Evan Howard
    Abbotsford, canada or Sydney, Australia
    Email: evanwilliam87@gmail.com
    Mobile phone Australia: 0401083991
    Skybe: evanwilliam87

  17. Hi vietnam- easyriders.com

    Pika Jéremposted to Chau Truong
    June 21
    Hi Chau! Hope you’re ok! You’re nice to ask some news and to keep in touch! I think we were lucky to find some guides like you and the others! It was a really a good time with you guys! Now, I’m in France and I live my normal life…again. I’m happy to see my friends and my family, to play guitar and to listen metal music…..but I’m a little bit sad ’cause It was so good to discover some new things and new people in Vietnam and in South Asia in general…But that’s the life, I have to earn money to go back again! See you later Bro!

    Email: jheintz1@facebook.com

  18. Frosty S Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Easyriders Vietnam Motobike Tours
    Jul 14, 2014, 12:04 AM
    Easyriders Vietnam Motobike Tours
    Hi All

    Our family consisting of My Husband, myself, 3 Daughters aged 25,17,16 just completed a 6 day 5 night Motobike tour Dalat-central highlands,Mekong River & finishing Saigon with http://www.vietnam-easyriders.com Tour Leader, & Company Owner Lee . We had a great time our riders where Mesi, Chau & Lee, my husband was a self rider. We highly recommend these guys, They showed us parts of the real Vietnam, promoting small business were possible. All of our family had a super time.

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